Alberto Fasciani: unique beauty beyond compare

Alberto Fasciani doesn’t simply make boots; he crafts unique creations that are as elegant as the equestrian world itself and his embracing of more exotic materials and design facets is what has captured the hearts of so many riders.


Of course, leather is used, but what would you say if we told you that you could have something made from crocodile, horween, cordovan, calf or even buffalo? Well you can, because the sky is the limit in terms of luxurious materials and Alberto Fasciani has never shied away from blurring the line between art and fashion,


These products, entirely handmade manufactured by master craftsmen, are aged and waxed with special manufacturing processes which give them a unique,
incomparable value.”


An undeniable blend of quality and refinement, the range of boots incorporates both riding and fashion styles, but all are innovative, regardless of intended use. It’s this clear focus on aesthetic perfection, alongside functional excellence, which has lead to Alberto Fasciani to become a global icon in the exclusive equestrian fashion world.


The desire to make exemplar boots has bee born out of a genuine love of all things equestrian and as such, customers of Alberto Fasciani can look forward to a whole new world of comfort and durability. Identifying the natural elegance and majesty of equestrian interests has lead to a range of boots being created that perfectly straddle the line between art and sport and have fast become a timeless addition to any enthusiast’s wardrobe.


“Whoever wears my footwear must feel as though it belongs to him from the very first time, just like he has spent his whole life with it”


This direct quote from Alberto Fasciani himself gives you a wonderful sense of just how passionate he is about creating a line of boots that will fast become every rider’s go-to choice and the different ranges available cater to any level of experience.


For serious riders, customised options are freely available. In fact, it is a point of pride that many national and international equestrian stars already choose to wear Alberto Fasciani boots, both in and out of the saddle. It has been said that having a pair of boots made to exact specifications can actually help a rider to perform better than ever before, but there are ready-to-wear styles on offer as well. Style carrying the signature style of the brand, the standard boots have been designed to be worn with or without chaps when on or off a horse.


An exclusive, elegant and internationally acclaimed brand, Alberto Fasciani is a natural choice for any rider that wants to look as good as they feel during a ride.

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