All about Anna Scarpati

Anna Scarpati is an exceptionally special woman who has created an internationally coveted brand that caters not only for the most discerning riders but also horses and stables as well. Born out of a genuine and lifelong passion for all things equestrian, the brand might be expansive but has in no way negated on quality in a bid to offer a larger range of products,


The attention to detail, the choice of materials and the attention to customers are the points that continue to distinguish this brand.” 


Offering riders everything they need, Anna Scarpati is particularly well known for the luxury versions of the following:


  • Saddle pads
  • Fly hoods
  • Bags
  • Blankets
  • Shock absorbers
  • Head collars
  • Stable accessories (draps etc)


As you would expect, durable yet elegant and beautiful materials are given priority during the design process, so you’ll see a lot of wool blends, leather and Firenze fleece that really taps into the impressive Italian heritage that underpins the entire brand.


Particularly popular with riders that enjoy understated luxury, Anna Scarpati has cornered the market in terms of necessary accessories that need to function expertly, last a long time and yet, add a little extra style to a stable while doing so. Muted tones are very much de rigueur, which allows your four-legged companion to be the shining star, just as they should be, but everything in the catalogue works perfectly together to create a uniform and seamless set that will be instantly recognisable as yours.


Charming, steeped in heritage and passion and with an authentically fashionable and Italian edge, the Anna Scarpati range is a must for any classically styled rider that wants to treat their horse to some luxury alongside themselves.



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