Denoting the DeNiro Quality

Founded in 1981, the DeNiro Boot Company was brought into being with a clear mandate in mind: to change the face and quality of equestrian footwear forever. Thanks to intensive research, keen observation of trends and innovative designs, the company has absolutely risen to the challenges that the founders set at the moment of inception,


A great sensibility to catch the changes in this field and a vocation for innovation and research are the main characteristics which has led DeNiro Boot Company to establish its own leadership all over the equestrian world.”


Beautiful equestrian fashion is one thing, but making sure that stunning accessories can also function exactly as needed and for a long time is quite another. That’s why DeNiro employs a phenomenally talented team of artisan craftspeople to make every pair of riding boots, in a state of the art factory in Casarano, a region in South Italy. The result is a reputation that is the envy of the entire industry and a range of boots that quite simply defy all customer expectations.


Designed specifically to be as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing, DeNiro boots are created using only the finest leathers, such as calfskin, which allow for comfort as well as protection and style. Any discerning rider will marvel at the attention to detail that accompanies every stitch and none will need convincing of the handcrafted luxury and immeasurable style, but there’s even more amazing aspects to consider.


For those of you that like to demonstrate that you are truly one of a kind, you can request to have your DeNiro boots customised. A wonderful way to ensure that you get the quality you want, the performance you need and an aesthetic that will match your show sets and other accessories, customisation is just an email away and won’t invalidate the lifetime care guarantee.


Yes, you did read that last sentence correctly; DeNiro boots come with a lifetime care offer that will extend the lifespan of your footwear exponentially. Every pair is sold with a three-month warranty from the date of purchase and after that, repairs can be completed in the Casarano factory, with all costs calculated prior to work starting.


With an expansive catalogue of designs on offer, encompassing everything from western ankle boots through to Chelsea, gaiters, dressage and tall riding varieties, there is a fabulous footwear style for everyone. Having won numerous industry awards, DeNiro is enjoying a well-deserved position as an equestrian footwear leader and if you haven’t discovered the range yet, now is most definitely the time.

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