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If you’re looking for equestrian accessories that come with an impressive heritage, look no further than Filli Fabbri.


Adhering to the idea of doing things right, from the very start, the first ever Filli Fabbri boots were conceptualised and completed back in 1924, with very little changing in terms of process ever since. It should fill you with immense confidence that the design and manufacturing methods haven’t ever had to change and while styles have definitely evolved to remain current, there is a wonderfully traditional and old school feel to everything that comes out of the Filli Fabri factory.


Perhaps the most impressive facet of these wonderful boots is the fact that a lot of consideration is given to more than mere aesthetics, with technical and construction methodologies being given top priority. While there are numerous equestrian boot manufacturers in operation, Filli Fabbri prides itself on the adaptability of every range that it offers,


The most important is the adaptability to the rider's foot and leg; after a short initial period of adjustment, the Fabbri boot is perfectly modelled on the wearer's leg.”


Don’t read this as an unwritten nod to a mandatory long and arduous breaking-in period however, as the materials used to create the sartorially spectacular boots ensure that a comfortable and elegant piece of footwear is only a few rides away.


Speaking of materials, Filli Fabri is exceptionally proud of the way that particular full-grain calf hides are selected and continually tested, to ensure that they are up to the task of supporting a rider’s foot, while also ageing beautifully and retaining an elegant edge. In a bid to be able to offer customers a more exclusive product, certain types of leather are specially tanned just for Filli Fabbri and are periodically submitted for in-depth durability testing.


In addition to the finest leathers, elastic eco-leather gussets are used to ensure gentle stretch for comfort, alongside strong YKK zippers, which come with a 6-month warranty in their own right. Keen to highlight the fact that only all-natural materials are used, Filli Fabbri denounce the use of any synthetic or plastic elements that could cause perspiration or boot fatigue. To this end, even the soles are made from durable rubber, which are stitched on the inside and can be replaced countless times. With a full complement of natural materials, hygiene and freshness is guaranteed, allowing for many long, happy and comfortable hours in the saddle.


While all of the Filli Fabbri boots are exquisite and ready-to-wear, for those looking for something just a tiny bit more special, the Pro range can be customised in a number of ways. From toe detailing through to piping, top cuffs, slices and many other decorative elements, your perfect pair of riding boots is just an email away.


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