You’d need to go a long way from civilisation to not realise that veganism is enjoying something of an enormous surge in popularity right now and as a result, Fratelli Fabbri has stepped up and created a devilishly stylish offering for those that wear their ethics on their sleeves and now, feet.


It’s an impressive feat; to create the worlds first ever 100% vegan riding boot, as there is so much more to consider than simply replacing the leather outer. With glues, rubbers and even certain cloths all containing animal derivatives, it takes a great commitment to a specific consumer base to launch a product as spectacular as the Fabbri VEG boot. It’s even more astonishing to do so without losing any of the exemplar quality and definitive style of a heritage brand.


Launched in early 2018, the Fabbri VEG boot is a worthy addition to the enviable stable of gorgeous handcrafted equestrian footwear already offered by Fabbri and in no way sets itself apart in terms of considered finishes and detailing. This is a boot with an elegant profile, incredible performance capability and phenomenal comfort.


Given that environmental concerns have long been a consideration at Fabbri, with carbon reduction practices already in place, a vegan offering was a natural progression for the company and will absolutely see a slew of new riders reaching for their tape measures, in a bid to order their first pair. When you take an already eco-smart company and add a touch of finger-on-the-pulse trend observation, a vegan boot was surely only a matter of time, but durability was a concern, in this case.

 Fabbri Vegan

Fabbri enjoys an astonishingly good reputation for creating not only some of the finest-looking, but also the most high-quality, durable and long-lasting riding boots on the market, which is why the VEG boot was really put through its paces. Tested for over a year, to make sure that there was no loss of comfort or hardiness, it demonstrated fantastically durable properties that make it a must for any rider. Particularly notable is the increased air flow and ease of cleaning, both of which will improve a rider’s experience unequivocally.


To order a pair of Fabbri VEG boots, you simply give us a call or send us an email - Customers are advised that orders should be fulfilled within three weeks, but this is subject to change as each pair is handcrafted in Italy.


One thing is for certain; with so many young riders now entering the professional equestrian circuit, it can only be a matter of time before the Fabbri VEG boot is seen gracing the feet of Olympic champions, so don’t miss your chance to order your own pair.

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