Keeping an active veteran in peak condition this winter

As horses start to age they can show signs of slowing down, becoming a tad lethargic and losing some weight, but that’s no reason to panic or think that their best days are behind them. With the right care, a veteran horse can still enjoy life to the full and offer you exciting riding opportunities.


While many younger horses will be fed a low-energy mix, for veterans that are showing signs of ageing, professionals recommend replacing the mix with a specific older variation that will prevent further weight loss. You might need to increase the feed amount as well, alongside adding in nutritional supplements. Sugar beet is a great additive; as it offers an easily digestible source of fibre for older horses and can help to keep teeth healthy.


Horses, much like humans, will all age at different rates but when it starts to happen, adaptations must be made to diet, care and exercise regimes, to prolong their health. Food is definitely the most important factor and if nothing else, try to make sure that you select a veteran-specific nutritional package that offers the following:


  • High quality proteins that provide vital amino acids. Soy protein is a good choice as it is a fantastic source of digestible vegetable protein
  • CoQ10, which is an antioxidant that can increase energy levels significantly
  • Essential fatty acids to control inflammatory issues such as arthritis. They are also beneficial for brain health

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