Kep keeps you safe for life

You could be the most novice rider on the block or a professional and you will have heard of Kep, because few names resonate so clearly throughout the equestrian world.


Proud to define itself in terms of the superior quality, design and safety features that are intrinsic to the full range of helmets on offer, Kep immediately puts a rider’s mind at ease. Should the worst happen, the risk of injury will be unequivocally reduced, thanks to the extensive testing that every product has to endure before it is released as a purchasable item,


KEP Italia is fully dedicated to the subject of safety: before each product enters into production, it is subjected to various tests to verify the durability of all of its components and is approved and marketed only once it has successfully passed every one. And it is not enough to pass the tests just once: the certifying bodies regularly visit the company to verify compliance with standard of quality over time for all production lots, whilst the in-house safety department carries out continuous quality controls in order that every single model reaches the market in perfect condition.”


You might also be interested to know that the different regulations and standards put in place in individual countries where Kep is sold are all accounted for. The safety certifications that Kep helmets have to hold need to be renewed every five years, so there is an in-built guarantee of protection, but let’s talk about longevity.


The lifespan of any helmet will depend on a number of factors, but most prominently, sunlight, intensity of use and temperature changes. Riders should get in the habit of checking their helmets regularly for any signs of degeneration, such as cracking, peeling or dents and if something is found, the helmet should be immediately taken out of circulation. Kep is really leading the charge in terms of protecting riders and encourages customers to return any helmet that shows signs of damage for professional assessment. It is worth noting, however, that helmets are usually thought to need replacing every five years, and Kep owners can check the age of their helmets by locating a date plate under the inside lining.


Offering significantly improved ventilation, comfortable linings, and sport-specific visors, Kep is definitely catering to the entire equestrian market, but you want to know about the styling as well. Trust us; you will not be disappointed.


Designed and made in Italy, one of the undisputable fashion capitals of the world, it almost goes without saying that Kep helmets are all-out gorgeous, bit we’re saying it anyway! Constructed from a heady mix of elegant and technical materials, essentially, if you can picture a dream helmet, Kep will more than likely either already stock something perfect or be able to customise you a base model. From lace, damask and silk inserts though to Swarovski crystal embellishments, there is a helmet for absolutely everyone, with each rider being safe in the knowledge that safety is NEVER compromised for fashion. Don’t go thinking that classic styles are a thing of the past for Kep either, as there is a range of beautiful velvet helmets that are very reminiscent of more heritage riding hats.


Simply phenomenal to look at, extensively tested to guarantee safety, simple to customise and the undisputed industry leader in equestrian safety accessories, Kep is a global name for very good reasons, but it’s time for you to make it a household name too.


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