The pitfalls of clipping: what every rider dreads

When the temperature drops, your horse’s hair needs to as well, as clipping season is starting! Any rider will agree that a neat and tidy horse is an absolute pleasure, but removing the hair can be a task that’s hard to master. Everyone has their pet peeve or biggest fear when it comes to clipping, but here’s the top 5 most common:


Technology fails.

Using clippers can be scary the first time you do it, but keeping on top of maintaining them will help you to gain more confidence with every clipping season. Blades need to be clean, sharp and well oiled, so as to glide properly and if you feel the motor getting too hot, STOP. A professional service of your clippers is always a good idea; to be sure they are fit for purpose.


Muddy nightmares.

With your newly serviced clippers to hand, you’re feeling ready to tackle the clipping with aplomb but then you notice that your four-legged friend has managed to shirk of their rug and roll in a mud pool. Clippers and mud definitely do not go together, so you’ll need to leave the mud to dry properly, before you can brush it out and get to clipping.


Bothersome bluntness.

If you haven’t bothered to have your clippers serviced and sharpened, your next stumbling block will definitely be blunt blades. One swipe, or should we say drag through your horse’s long coat and you’ll soon know that you need to get things sharpened properly before you can progress. In the meantime, your horse has gotten wise to what is going on and is probably beginning to play up, which is all you need!


Uneven finishes.

Once you’ve pulled or nipped your horse’s skin once with some bunt blades, they will absolutely decide to make the job as difficult as possible. You can secure them in a clipping sling all you like, but if you think they are going to let you get an even sweep over every surface you are very much mistaken. Expect some terrifically fashionable bald patches as you roll your eyes and mutter that this is a job better left to the professionals.


Wearing what you clip off.

Despite gearing yourself up and wearing clothing that will definitely prevent all of your horse’s removed hair from ending up on you, you will inevitably end up covered in it! We all know how itchy horse hair clippings are, but it’s an unavoidable end result. Just comfort yourself with the knowledge that your horse will look amazing when finally clipped!


Our final piece of advice is to just take a deep breath, get it done and then don’t worry about it until next time!

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