Adults Woven Zipper Tie 032

Adults Woven Zipper Tie 032

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What is a Zipit Tie?   

To be perfectly honest its the best invention that has ever happened to ties. the concept known as a zipper tie is a revolutionary way to ease dressing, and the zipit tie ensures a perfect knot every day of the week.

Think of the zipit tie as the new and all improved version of an everyday tie, ensuring a perfect knot every time. Our Zipit ties are so simple to use, you simply slip it over your head and position it under your collar and treat it as you would any regular tie. The knot of the tie is professionally done and always looks great. The zipper is hidden under the collar and smaller zippers are also hidden at the back of the tie. 

Getting dressed with a zipper tie is effortless and stress free. Because of the locking feature of the zippers used in the ties they will not come untied until you unzip them. You leave the tie tied and loosen the tie by slipping it off over your head.

When the tie is unzipped it will slide easily over your head and look like an ordinary tie. When zipped it fits and looks professional, the zip can also lock into place so your knot will be secure all day long and Nobody will ever realise that it is not a regular tie.

These ties are the perfect finishing touch for any occasion.

To wear it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Slip the tie around your shirt collar, similar to the way a necklace is worn.
  2. Pull the permanent knot up toward your neck, so that it is secure against the topmost button of
    your collar.

3.Slide the zipper along the length of the tie to adjust it accordingly until it is comfortable.

  1. Lock the tie into position by pushing the zipper down flat.
  2. To remove the tie, unlock zip by pushing it upwards, and loosen the tie.