Buzz - Off Full Neck Rain

Buzz - Off Full Neck Rain

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The Buzz-Off Rain is perfect as weather is changeable, warm and wet days are not unusual which is why we have combined features of our Buzz-off fly sheets and Sun Shower light weight Turnout to create the Buzz-off Rain. The upper part of the Buzz-off Rain is waterproof and breathable while the lower part is made of Buzz-off fly sheet fabric. Together you have a light weight UV protective and waterproof rug. The unique elasticated and detachable belly pad gives protection to the belly of the horse and also helps to stabilise the rug in position


The tail flap gives additional protection to the tail

Waterproof and breathable upper with an additional Teflon outer shield

Sun reflective colour helps protect against overheating

Shoulder darts ensures plenty of shoulder room

Mesh lining on upper part to help maintain the circulation of air underneath the rug

Silk-feel lining of the shoulder area to prevent rubbing