E-Vento Front
E-Vento Front

E-Vento Front

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Cross country boots in microperforated neoprene AEROX, together with 3D mesh ducted fabric to guarantee double ventilation.

    Double ventilation: using the VENTO system, characterized by double ventilation, the horse’s tendons are kept cool as the heat is channelled to the outside by the 3D mesh ducted fabric

      Microperforated neoprene AEROX: this allows the horse’s skin to breathe, avoiding sweating and overheating of the tendons

        Waterproof: the boots don’t absorb or retain water, meaning they stay dry despite weather and terrain conditions

          Reduced weight: despite offering extremely robust protection, the boots are lightweight - allowing greater freedom of movement and flexibility

            Shock absorber system: highly protective pads in polyurethane foam help reduce the shock felt during high impact

              Slick material