Legend Clipper
Legend Clipper

Legend Clipper

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The modern permanent magnet motor means that the Lister Legend can deliver up to 150 watts of clipping power. This combined with an air cooled head ensures that the Lister Legend is capable of hard work.

The Lister Legend has been engineered from the ground up to provide a powerful clipping solution with low vibration. This clipper is designed for busy yards, breeders etc, that need to clip lots of horses regularly.
The tapered handle gives a very nice feel to the clipper and is fairly slim.

Lister holds the Royal Warrant and has been making clippers for over 100 years, here in the UK.  These clippers are world class and a lot of thought and design is put into each clipper.

Specifications :
Weight 980g ( + blades )
Length 245mm
Grip Diameter 52mm
Blade Speed 2700 rpm
Voltage 240v
Wattage 150W (max)

Comes with :
A2F blades
Screw Driver
1yr Warranty
Hard Storage Case