The Original Air Jacket - Childs
The Original Air Jacket - Childs
The Original Air Jacket - Childs

The Original Air Jacket - Childs

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The Original Helite Air Jacket offers protection for the full length of the back and chest, as well as protection for the sides and back of the neck minimising the risk of whiplash injuries. 

To guarantee a proper functioning of the airbag system, it is of crucial importance to mount the trigger system correctly. The order must always be: piston, key-ball (notch on piston to fit the ball in), spring and bearing cap. The needle of the piston must point in the direction of the cartridge, the key-ball has to fit in the notch of the piston.

Caution: Never put the key-ball between spring and piston, this disables the system to trigger.

  • It is designed to be worn in conjunction with a body protector when competing although the Air Jacket can also be worn by itself.
  • When not inflated the Air Jacket allows for full body movement.  When inflated the jacket supports the spinal column to prevent over flexion of the spine.
  • Your Air Jacket will arrive ready to use, it is supplied with 2 gas canisters, (1 installed), a lanyard and saddle strap. The lanyard is a fixed length with a clip to attach to the ring on the saddle straps. The saddle strap attaches to the stirrup bars on the saddle.
  • CE certification – The airbags are certified by the external laboratory CRITT Sport, the French specialist for objectively testing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 
  • The Pony Club, British Eventing, British Showjumping and British Dressage approved.

Only available in black