Weymouth  Patent all Rolled Bridle with Dressage Reins

Weymouth Patent all Rolled Bridle with Dressage Reins

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This Equipe Patent Leather Bridle in the Weymouth Rolled version BR31 is a beautifully designed Italian Double Bridle from Selleria Equipe. It is made from premium quality English leather,using the unique aniline treatment, reserved for the finest of leathers. 


  • The Equipe patent rolled leather bridle is a stunning double bridle which features a patent noseband and browband. 
  • The rest of the bridle is styled in beautiful soft English Sedgewick rounded leather, providing an elegant finish and highly fashionable edge to your turnout. 
  • This bridle features a narrower noseband than the very popular Amerigo patent bridle (Amerigo is made by Equipe) and is very refined, looking good on both fine and heavier boned horses. 
  • Comes with soft English leather rolled reins.
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